William Hughes,fusee pocket watch, ca 1780. William Hughes, (clock/ watchmaker 1769-1794), with Chain.

The HUGHES family :
1712 Thomas Hughes (senior), member of the Honourable Company of Clockmakers at the age of 26.
In 1742 Thomas Hughes became Master of the Honourable Company of Clockmakers.
In 1762 Thomas Hughes (junior) was elected as Master of the Honourable Company of Clockmakers. He had his business at 25 New Broad Street London.
In 1781 William Hughes (son of Thomas junior) was elected freeman of Company of Clockmakers.
He sold a cabin clock to Captain Cook
1791 A Hughes chronometer was sold to Captain Bligh of the Bounty.
1794 Joseph Hughes, the son of William was born and became a well-known maker of quadrants and compasses.

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