Fusee Pocket watch E.D Johnson, 1867. Silver.

Edward Daniel Johnson (1816 – 8 March 1889) was a respected London watch and marine chronometer maker. He was a founder member and vice President of the British Horological Institute, which was formed in June 1858.
During his early career he worked out of Ashley Crescent in Shoreditch.
Watches from this period ca. 1849–1856 show the address as "21 Ashley Crescent, City Road, London" inscribed on the movement.
In 1856 he moved to 9 Wilmington Square, Clerkenwell where he produced the majority of his work. It was during this period that Johnson was involved with the founding of the British Horological Institute. Johnson was granted the Freedom of the City of London on 17 January 1860 by Redemption in the Company of Clockmakers.
He was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society on 10 May 1861.
From 1875 watch manufacturing company was listed as "Edward Daniel Johnson & Son".
Two of his sons worked in the watch manufacturing industry—Edward Henry and William George. The 'son' is believed to refer to Edward given that he lived at 10 Wilmington Square, which was inscribed on E. D. Johnson watch movements at this time.
Johnson retired in 1879 by which time he was almost totally blind.













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