Henry Deeme, Honiton, 1758. verge fusee pocket watch,

Hallmarked London 1758.

Pair cased verge fusee pocket watch, Silver, with Dutch Hallmarked Silver Chatelaine.

Henry Deeme, watch and clockmaker of Honiton, is recorded - married Sarah Blew (or Blue) at Honiton 13th September 1756.

He kept the Kentisbeare Church clock in repair during 1762-1780, according to churchwarden's accounts.

A sample of entry reads 1774, an amount of money was paid to Mr. Henri Deeme for repairing the church clock. (and a man and horse, two days, for carrying the clock to Honiton and bringing home again).

Henry Deeme died in 1786.

Several clocks and watches are in musea: Exeter museum, Liverpool museum, Totnes museum. 















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