George Prior, verge fusee pocket watch, ca 1775-1785, with silver chatelaine.

Listed by Frederic J Britten as a watchmaker from 1765-1812 in London.      George Prior (1750-1825). (According to G.H. Baillie's list of watch and clockmakers practising watchmaking ca.1765-1810).     A London maker, specialising in clocks and watches for the Ottoman market, from about 1770.     The watches are usually with Turkish numerals on the dial, and within multiple cases, pairs, triples and quadruples.     Edward Prior (1812-?).(1800-1868 according to Baillie's list of watch and clockmakers), Son and successor of George, and like his father was a good London maker of watches for Turkey and the Ottoman Empire.     Prior continued to make thick, multi cased, verge watches, of an earlier style, right up until the late 19th century.    

The serial numbers of Prior watches may be roughly dated as follows:

George: Edward:
1772        No. 6053 1814       No. 38694
1777        NO. 11773 1820       No. 45662
1782       No. 14580 1833       No. 50699
1790       No. 16672 1840       No. 57710
1800       No. 28674 1850       No. 65764
1810        No. 35821 1862       No. 74360
1813        No. 41966 1875        No. 80191

This is a double, silver cased, fusee movement, it has an outer case with biblical repoussee work. It has a very rare "en facet" cut big ruby endstone. Silver Chatelaine with sliding golden centerpiece to keep the thin chains in order of balance.