A late wooden tramp art mantel clock with alarm function, hand painted dial, glass window, hand crafted oak clock case on brass lion feet.    The movement is in good working order, with minute, hour and seconds hand and a lot of beautifull ornaments.

Size: Height 29 cm

         Wide 18.5 cm

         Deep   8 cm


IMG_20180401_161106052-1.jpg IMG_20180401_161115029.jpg IMG_20180401_161144642-1.jpgIMG_20180401_161215297.jpg

IMG_20180401_161234465.jpg        IMG_20180401_161347686.jpg       IMG_20180401_161410163.jpg

IMG_20180401_161410163-1.jpg           IMG_20180401_161413670.jpg            IMG_20180401_161440979.jpg IMG_20180401_161512225.jpg        IMG_20180401_161518291.jpg      

              IMG_20180401_161619624.jpg        IMG_20180401_161035091-1.jpg



Item  Code: SEG 1