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19. William Kay, pocket watch, 1910.  

                                            William Killbourne Kay 1907

William Kay was born September 1856, Landport,Port sea,Hampshire.   His father was John Kay, his mother Annie Buckler.   In 1881 he worked as a Jeweler assistant for John Martin Skarrat at

Broad Street, Worcester.   He worked later on for the Skaratt company (founded 1794) as watchmaker untill 1886,    Then he started with a partner "Kay Jones & Co Worcester" which ended 1889-1890.   In 1890 he started his own company "Kay's of Worcester".    In 1895 he started "Kay & C0 Ltd, the company was extremely succesfull.   Later on his sons joined the business.  William Killbourne Kay died in 1929.

Heron Lodge, London Road, Worcester, the house Willam Kay, his wife Jessie Farenden (1858-1938) and their 3 sons lived.(1901). 

Worcester News: HISTORIC: Heron Lodge, off London Road, could soon have two new properties built within its grounds. The house was built in the early 19th century.



Kay's "perfection" lever.

William Kay, Silver watch and silver chain, the watch was produced in 1910 by William Kay, swiss movement and swiss hallmarks.